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Pysanky workshops eggs
Helena's studio
Intaglio Printmaking Workshops
Pysanky workshops in action
Printing plates from workshops
Workshops supplies
Students printing plate from workshops and supplies
Finished printed cards from workshops
Helena's studio
Finished prints in Helena's studio
Studio shelves and equipment
Finished pysanky eggs from workshop

Learn more about Helena’s upcoming workshops.  

Helena has many years of experience from across her career designing, facilitating and delivering workshops across art and art-wellbeing. Helena’s workshops have supported many partners and client groups across settings, using art to promote creativity and wellbeing.

Interested in attending one of Helena’s workshops? If so, please get in touch or click the event link below.

Interested in working with Helena to deliver a new workshop or event? If so, head over to the partnerships page to find out more.

Upcoming Workshops

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